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The Process


Our Team


Our combined team of land consultants, acquisition specialist, and advertising team have been extremely effective in breathing new life into beautiful properties throughout East TN.  Banks, Private Land Owners and others have aided in finding hidden gems around numerous lakes in the area!

Purchasing is a possibility if you find a piece of property you love!    Lets us get you up to speed on the available properties and see if we have something that fits your families needs!  You need only to call us for more details.

Our land team of 50+ consultants are available to help with any property questions, lot boundaries, and general questions about the area.  We are limited on the amount of appointments we can take, to ensure yourself an available consultantfor sale day please call us today.

These newly developed lake properties are finally completed. You need only to call and schedule an available time and get more details before they sellout!  Gorgeous properties now available with access to boat ramp, marina, gas, restaurant and boat slips!